AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-02Fix displaying NAME in generated manpagesHEADmasterJohann Friedrichs
2019-12-02Show device again in conflictcheck (revises 770de32f)Johann Friedrichs
2019-11-28Avoid problem with empty Event-TitleJohann Friedrichs
2019-09-19Avoid lock sequence error when using Shift-FunctionJohann Friedrichs
2019-09-19Keep Schedules locked while evaluating eventsJohann Friedrichs
2019-04-11Fix possible format overflow and avoid compiler warningJohann Friedrichs
2019-04-08Replace auto_ptr with unique_ptr (only for c++11) (vdr-portal: kfb77)Johann Friedrichs
2019-04-08Fix utf-8 encoding in docs and manpages (vdr-portal kfb77 seahawk1986)Johann Friedrichs
2019-03-22Searchtimers are always local. Thx MarkusEJohann Friedrichs
2019-03-22Don't mix local and remote concurrent timersJohann Friedrichs
2019-01-16avoid erase of iterator inside of a loopJohann Friedrichs
2018-04-16Push to Version 2.4.0v2.4.0Johann Friedrichs
2018-04-16Preserve timerflags in searchtimerupdateJohann Friedrichs
2018-03-26Fix remote conflict checkJohann Friedrichs
2018-03-21unified indentationJohann Friedrichs
2018-03-21get rid of some castsJohann Friedrichs
2017-10-15Fix deadlock.Johann Friedrichs
2017-10-15Lock sequenz 0917.Johann Friedrichs
2017-08-01fix recordingsdone deadlock.Johann Friedrichs
2017-07-30Use separate thread for recdone processing.Johann Friedrichs
2017-07-30Add icon for inactive timer.Johann Friedrichs
2017-07-30Use namespace for svdrpclient.Johann Friedrichs
2017-07-11Fix SearchTimers Commit.Johann Friedrichs
2017-07-11Search timers should create only local timers.Johann Friedrichs
2017-07-11Another lock sequence errorJohann Friedrichs
2017-07-11Add conflict check for remote timers.Johann Friedrichs
2017-06-13Fix more lock sequences.Johann Friedrichs
2017-06-10Set min. VDR version to 2.3.6 and cleanup patches.Frank Neumann
2017-06-10New vdr.epgsearch-exttimeredit-2.3.6.diff (thx to Claus Muus)TomJoad
2017-06-07Fix some lock sequences.TomJoad
2017-06-07Use vdr timerids instead of index.TomJoad
2017-06-07Fixes in searchtimer thread.TomJoad
2017-06-07Adapt new makefile style of VDR 2.3.6.TomJoad
2017-05-26Add patches/vdr.epgsearch-exttimeredit-2.3.5.diffDietmar Spingler
2017-05-26Fixes for MyEditTimer and other small changes.TomJoad
2017-05-25Added operator to cListObject derived classes.Jasmin Jessich
2017-05-25Change shell in docsrc2*.sh to /bin/bash, suggested by Neumann
2017-05-25Remove useless "LOCK_CHANNELS_READ" in cBlacklist run.Jasmin Jessich
2017-05-25Remove useless member "useEpisode" from cBlacklist.Jasmin Jessich
2017-05-24Create man pages only once.Jasmin Jessich
2017-05-23polishing code formatting.Frank Neumann
2017-05-21Commit epgsearch_min_max_from_stl.diff (thx jasminj@vdr-portal)Frank Neumann
2017-05-20Commit fixblacklist_handling.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-120004-Remote-timers-in-menu-myedittimer.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-120003-more-cleanups.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-120002-removed-variableduplications.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-120001-fixed-unresponsive-vdr.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-07Delete files status_thread.[ch], suggested by TomJoad@vdr-portal.deFrank Neumann
2017-05-07Lock out VDR versions < 2.3.4Frank Neumann
2017-05-07Drop legacy code prior VDR 2.3.xFrank Neumann