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2014-11-16add new themeDimitar Petrovski
2014-03-17add new themeDimitar Petrovski
2013-02-22Added ability to translate themes. Examples addedDimitar Petrovski
2012-12-03added some more themesDimitar Petrovski
2012-11-30added some new SKY themesDimitar Petrovski
2012-11-23change MjdToEpochTime macro to function and use it on more locationsDimitar Petrovski
2012-10-28Extract the the Short Text from the Extended description for MHW2 and SkyDimitar Petrovski
2012-10-18fix compileDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-23move equivalence to separate file/classDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18use equivalents map for all equivalentsDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-02enable EIT scan in eepgDimitar Petrovski
2011-09-10fix format names since the order is changedDimitar Petrovski
2011-08-29add dish bev format and make sure it is always on for testDimitar Petrovski
2011-08-26Test support for Dish Network EEPG and Bell ExpressVU EEPGDimitar Petrovski
2011-05-14Changed loging so that in can be modified (decorated) in the futureDimitar Petrovski
2011-04-24modified formatingDimitar Petrovski
2011-04-24- Added previous patches to version 0.0.5Dimitar Petrovski
2011-04-24Version 0.0.5 of eepg plugineepg-0.0.5Dimitar Petrovski
2011-04-24- Fix for vdr-1.7.xDimitar Petrovski
2011-04-24Initial eepg git repository with version eepg-0.0.3eepg-0.0.3root