path: root/eepg.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-18use equivalents map for all equivalentsDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18added include for APIVERSNUMDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18removed EIT filter for NA since it should be done by epg-handlerDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18fix some indentationDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18add defines to compile wit VDR < 1.7.26Dime
2012-05-18applied patch - fix some cppcheck warningsDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18move cSetupEEPG to separate filesDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18modified logging and added logging to epghandler.cDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18eepghandler for new vdr eit apiDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18Merge branch 'experimental'Dimitar Petrovski
2012-05-13applied patch - fix some cppcheck warningsDimitar Petrovski
2012-03-09sort schedule after updateDimitar Petrovski
2012-03-07int -> unsigned charDimitar Petrovski
2012-03-07removed unneeded test logging and a TODODimitar Petrovski
2012-03-07convert DescriptorTag to int before switch to reduce warningsDimitar Petrovski
2012-03-02create copy of equivalent event before addingDimitar Petrovski
2012-03-02use string instead of const char * for multimapDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-29add debug loggingDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-29Merge branch 'experimental' into eit_testDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-29Applied patch to Load Huffman dictionaries only on first useDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-29do not reload equivalents if already loadedDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-28forgotten cStringDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-28loggingDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-28equivalent channels loggingDimitar Petrovski
2012-02-27modified map to use const char* instead of cString which has problems with < ...Dimitar Petrovski
2012-02-27Merge branch 'experimental' into eit_testDimitar Petrovski
2011-11-15removed some debug loggingDimitar Petrovski
2011-11-01initialize TableID to defaultDimitar Petrovski
2011-11-01update HISTORY and READMEDimitar Petrovski
2011-11-01Merge branch 'Branch_na_ok' into experimentalDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-29try to use equivalent channels for continuous formats as wellDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-29disable DEBUGDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-29enable DEBUG for testingDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-29fix compile from forgoten {Dimitar Petrovski
2011-10-29Merge branch 'test-naepg2' into eit_testDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-28compile fixDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-28change formatingDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-27resolve conflictsDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-27fix linefeed hopefullyDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-27corect episode and time infoDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-27corect episode and time infoDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-25fix compile and warningsDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-25Add Program ID / Series IDDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-23add ratings take 2Dimitar Petrovski
2011-10-13test merge branchesDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-13NA tests, not workingDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-03add process eit setup option for the moment in debug onlyDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-03Merge branch 'test-naepg' of ssh://ubsatserv/home/dime/VDR/PLUGINS/src/eepg i...Dimitar Petrovski
2011-10-03fix table ID initializationDimitar Petrovski
2011-10-03added logging for EIT debugDimitar Petrovski