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2017-06-11VDR 2.3.6 style MakefileDimitar Petrovski
2014-03-17Ipdated Makefile and skyuk shorttext extractionDimitar Petrovski
2014-01-07Updated PKGCFG variableDimitar Petrovski
2013-01-31Makefile again adapted to vdr-1.7.36Dimitar Petrovski
2013-01-03modified Makefile according to the new VDR version 1.7.35 styleDimitar Petrovski
2012-12-28removed it is removed in vdr 1.7.34 and not used in eepgDimitar Petrovski
2012-10-29modified Makefile according to the VDR newplugin script which fixes pot ↵Dimitar Petrovski
generation added po thranslation support added Macednonian translation
2012-10-16Drop unmanaged Disable Double EPG entry. EEPG tries to handle this anywayDimitar Petrovski
Drop unmanaged NOEPG support, there is a separate plugin for that Move cEIT2 in a separate file and try to use it in epghandler also
2012-05-23move utilities to separate filesDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-23partial compile fixDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18move cSetupEEPG to separate filesDimitar Petrovski
2012-05-18eepghandler for new vdr eit apiDimitar Petrovski
2011-09-14fix compileDimitar Petrovski
2011-05-14Changed loging so that in can be modified (decorated) in the futureDimitar Petrovski
Removed warnings Refactored some code fixed MHW1 so all summaries that are present are included
2011-04-29remove some warningsDimitar Petrovski
2011-04-24Initial eepg git repository with version eepg-0.0.3eepg-0.0.3root