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2014-04-16Update documentation. Fixes #692Dimitar Petrovski
2013-02-22Added ability to translate themes. Examples addedDimitar Petrovski
Fixed handling of duplicate epg entries Added new SKY themes Added checking/updating of themes files on load
2012-11-30updated documentationDimitar Petrovski
2012-10-30added helper scripts for generation of eepg.equivDimitar Petrovski
updated documentation
2012-02-29Applied patch to Load Huffman dictionaries only on first useDimitar Petrovski
2011-11-01update HISTORY and READMEDimitar Petrovski
fix some log levels
2011-04-24- Added previous patches to version 0.0.5Dimitar Petrovski
- Changed docodeText2 to use code from vdr which also handles charset override - Removed some gotos - Added setup option to display message after finish of writing epg
2011-04-24Version 0.0.5 of eepg plugineepg-0.0.5Dimitar Petrovski
2011-04-24Initial eepg git repository with version eepg-0.0.3eepg-0.0.3root