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diff --git a/epghandler.h b/epghandler.h
index 003fd32..4a08fcf 100644
--- a/epghandler.h
+++ b/epghandler.h
@@ -13,12 +13,15 @@
#include <string>
class cEquivHandler;
+namespace util {
+class cCharsetFixer;
class cEEpgHandler : public cEpgHandler {
virtual ~cEEpgHandler();
- virtual bool IgnoreChannel(const cChannel *Channel) { return false; }
+ virtual bool IgnoreChannel(const cChannel *Channel);
virtual bool HandleEitEvent(cSchedule *Schedule, const SI::EIT::Event *EitEvent, uchar TableID, uchar Version);
virtual bool SetEventID(cEvent *Event, tEventID EventID);
virtual bool SetTitle(cEvent *Event, const char *Title);
@@ -29,19 +32,29 @@ public:
virtual bool SetStartTime(cEvent *Event, time_t StartTime);
virtual bool SetDuration(cEvent *Event, int Duration);
virtual bool SetVps(cEvent *Event, time_t Vps);
- virtual bool FixEpgBugs(cEvent *Event) { return false; }
+ virtual bool FixEpgBugs(cEvent *Event);
virtual bool HandleEvent(cEvent *Event);
virtual bool SortSchedule(cSchedule *Schedule);
virtual bool DropOutdated(cSchedule *Schedule, time_t SegmentStart, time_t SegmentEnd, uchar TableID, uchar Version);
// bool ParseEitEvent(cSchedule *Schedule, const SI::EIT::Event *EitEvent, uchar TableID, uchar Version);
+ std::string ExtractAttribute(const char* attr);
+ void FindDuplicate(cEvent* Event, const char* newTitle);
+ /*
+ * Extract the date from duplicate event and remove it
+ */
+ void RemoveEvent(cEvent* ev);
std::string origShortText;
std::string origDescription;
cEquivHandler* equivHandler;
+ util::cCharsetFixer* charsetFixer;
+ cSchedule* schedule;
static const int _LONG_EVENT_HOURS = 10;
bool modified;
+ bool searchDuplicates;
#endif /*APIVERSNUM > 10725*/