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authorDimitar Petrovski <>2012-11-21 08:11:04 (GMT)
committerDimitar Petrovski <>2012-11-21 08:11:04 (GMT)
commitc72251596c42864a959aedd7d916e834aac276e9 (patch)
tree19350436aea74c64936440d203d057f172806f81 /eepg.c
parenta6207b35db9e524fef7243faab839c4d98e318f1 (diff)
Moved charset fixing code to a separate class
Added setup option to enable/dissable charset fixing
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/eepg.c b/eepg.c
index 8a65609..29bd4d4 100644
--- a/eepg.c
+++ b/eepg.c
@@ -134,7 +134,8 @@ cMenuSetupPremiereEpg::cMenuSetupPremiereEpg (void)
// AddCategory (tr ("General"));
Add (new cMenuEditBoolItem (tr ("Display summary message"), &data->DisplayMessage));
- Add (new cMenuEditBoolItem (tr ("Replace Empty Short Text with Category - Genre"), &data->ReplaceEmptyShText));
+ Add (new cMenuEditBoolItem (tr ("Replace empty Short Text with Category - Genre"), &data->ReplaceEmptyShText));
+ Add (new cMenuEditBoolItem (tr ("Try to fix CharSet for events"), &data->FixCharset));
#ifdef DEBUG
Add (new cMenuEditIntItem (tr ("Level of logging verbosity"), &data->LogLevel, 0, 5));
Add (new cMenuEditBoolItem (tr ("Process EIT info with EEPG"), &data->ProcessEIT));
@@ -150,6 +151,7 @@ void cMenuSetupPremiereEpg::Store (void)
SetupStore ("FixEpg", SetupPE->FixEpg);
SetupStore ("DisplayMessage", SetupPE->DisplayMessage);
SetupStore ("ReplaceEmptyShText", SetupPE->ReplaceEmptyShText);
+ SetupStore ("FixCharset", SetupPE->FixCharset);
#ifdef DEBUG
SetupStore ("LogLevel", SetupPE->LogLevel);
SetupStore ("ProcessEIT", SetupPE->ProcessEIT);
@@ -3594,6 +3596,8 @@ bool cPluginEEPG::SetupParse (const char *Name, const char *Value)
SetupPE->DisplayMessage = atoi (Value);
else if (!strcasecmp (Name, "ReplaceEmptyShText"))
SetupPE->ReplaceEmptyShText = atoi (Value);
+ else if (!strcasecmp (Name, "FixCharset"))
+ SetupPE->FixCharset = atoi (Value);
#ifdef DEBUG
else if (!strcasecmp (Name, "LogLevel"))
SetupPE->LogLevel = atoi (Value);