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+-extend equivalents file with transponder SKIP (do not retrieve EEPG info) or
+ transponder ONCE (retrieve once a day, first possiblity after midnight).
+ TUNE (retrieve every time transponder gets tuned to) transponder CONT (retrieve continuously)
+-look at collisions and language problems (eg Cyfra at MTV)
+-check broadcasting frequencys + windows of all providers; report first event seen and last event seen
+-use event-> as database instead of title[] and summary[] , except for MHW1
+-try to minimize resync problems by using sliding window after "lock" on 50 succesfull sequential syncs or so
+-stop premiere after having read all titles (from CONT to ONCE)
+-check version info for all providers
+-decode summary-available bit for OpenTV
+-include DDEPG functionality
+-parallellize when not on FF card
+-NAGRA 2nd textstring is not used right now, find out when it is relevant...