AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-29adjust for vdr 2.3.1HEADv0.3.0masterLars Hanisch
2015-10-29adjust Makefile to current vdr versionLars Hanisch
2015-06-03add patch for vdr 2.2.0Lars Hanisch
2014-01-08new version 0.2.1v0.2.1Lars Hanisch
2013-12-15push version to 0.2.0Lars Hanisch
2013-12-15add new virutal device functions from vdr 2.1.2Lars Hanisch
2013-09-11add combined patch for vdr 2.0.2Lars Hanisch
2013-04-17leave some free device slots for output devicesv0.1.5Lars Hanisch
2013-04-03add new patch combinationLars Hanisch
2013-04-03add patches for vdr 2.0.0Lars Hanisch
2013-03-10update patches for vdr 1.7.40Lars Hanisch
2013-03-09found a stack overflow in dynamite patchv0.1.4Lars Hanisch
2013-03-03update to vdr 1.7.39v0.1.3Lars Hanisch
2013-02-10add patches for vdr 1.7.37Lars Hanisch
2013-01-23adjust Makefile to vdr 1.7.36v0.1.2Lars Hanisch
2013-01-13add new patch for a pluginLars Hanisch
2012-12-27adjust Makefile to vdr 1.7.33, add new Makefile for vdr 1.7.34Lars Hanisch
2012-12-25LDFLAGS must be after OBJS, don't know why...Lars Hanisch
2012-12-25adjust to vdr 1.7.34Lars Hanisch
2012-12-08adjust to vdr 1.7.33, not compatible to previous versions anymorev0.1.1Lars Hanisch
2012-11-23add combined dynamite/ddci/rotorng patchLars Hanisch
2012-11-23add patch for vdr 1.7.32Lars Hanisch
2012-10-12adjust combined dynamite/externalci patch for vdr 1.7.31Lars Hanisch
2012-10-04adjust to vdr 1.7.31, drop support for older developer versionsv0.1.0Lars Hanisch
2012-09-05add patch for dvbapi pluginLars Hanisch
2012-05-23add udev attribute dynamite_attach_delay_preopenv0.0.9fLars Hanisch
2012-03-28re-new the device bonding if a device is attachedv0.0.9eLars Hanisch
2012-03-28add patch for femonLars Hanisch
2012-03-28combined patch with dynamite and externalci for vdr 1.7.27Lars Hanisch
2012-03-28forget HISTORYLars Hanisch
2012-03-28adjust to vdr 1.7.27v0.0.9dLars Hanisch
2012-03-15improve log message if no devices can be found via udevLars Hanisch
2012-03-14new patches for vdr 1.7.26Lars Hanisch
2012-03-08on force detach queue command, don't delete directly on the callv0.0.9cLars Hanisch
2012-02-29new combined patch for dynamite and externalci for vdr 1.7.24Lars Hanisch
2012-02-29new patch for vdr 1.7.24Lars Hanisch
2012-02-08add combined patch for dynamite and externalciLars Hanisch
2012-02-05add patch for vdr 1.7.23Lars Hanisch
2012-02-05test udev-allowed source at ProvidesChannelv0.0.9bLars Hanisch
2012-02-05add udev attribute dynamite_sources which will limit the reception of the dev...Lars Hanisch
2012-01-04update HISTORY and READMELars Hanisch
2012-01-04if device is not ready after 30 seconds reset CAMs and retryv0.0.9aLars Hanisch
2012-01-04sort device paths on udev-enum or SCNDLars Hanisch
2012-01-04avoid parsing devpath for dvb-adapter-pattern two timesLars Hanisch
2012-01-04set cardindex to adapter number if no udev rule is usedLars Hanisch
2011-12-29add define for externalci patch detectionLars Hanisch
2011-12-29refactored dynamite+externalci patchLars Hanisch
2011-12-28add combined patch with externalciLars Hanisch
2011-12-28correct camslot assignment on detachLars Hanisch
2011-12-21use some defines from the patches to detect themLars Hanisch