AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-28Update HistoryHEAD0.2.3masteranbr
2017-01-28Fix some warninganbr
2017-01-28Fix a GCC warning (to compile with -fpermissive)anbr
2014-02-23Fix: menu keystoke processinganbr
2013-03-23Update History0.2.2anbr
2013-03-23Don't try to move file without selectionanbr
2013-03-23Crash when image directory is empty (Closes: #1308)anbr
2013-02-03explain write access to git-repositoryanbr
2013-02-03Adapt Makefile for new VDR >=1.7.36anbr
2012-10-03Release 0.2.1anbr
2012-06-23Can't compile with g++-4.4 (Closes: #1029)anbr
2012-06-07Create image - show wrong selected sub folderanbr
2012-06-07Can't assign keymappping with 'Commands' (Closes: #1015)anbr
2012-06-06Add missing check for secondary groupids (Closes: #1012)anbr
2012-06-06Avoid seqfault on 0xb70863fa in cMainMenuItem::FileName (this=0x0) at menu-it...anbr
2012-06-04Hold current MainMenuItem as constant dataanbr
2012-06-04Fix: menu.c:790:12: warning: variable ‘state’ set but not usedanbr
2012-03-03Fix warning: case value ‘x’ not in enumerated type ‘eKeys’ [-Wswitch]anbr
2011-04-02Allow a read-only image directory [Bug #620]anbr
2011-03-05Update italian translation (Support #593)anbr
2011-02-13Remove unused type castanbr
2011-01-19Allow localized character at title of image menuanbr
2011-01-19Improve menu to read imagesanbr
2011-01-18Rename image was'nt possibleanbr
2011-01-17Add missing base link (revert bug from commit:63370045)anbr
2011-01-12Add italian translation (Support #490)anbr
2011-01-12Refactoring MenuSetupanbr
2010-12-28Read image : Fill OSD-field with capitalize volume nameanbr
2010-12-26Update translationsanbr
2010-12-26Improve read of volume nameanbr
2010-12-26Improve handle of error messagesanbr
2010-12-26Parse mountpoint - use posix functionanbr
2010-12-26Read name of volume to fill OSD with filenameanbr
2010-12-24parse commandline, create symbolic links - used posix functionsanbr
2010-12-22remove unused codeanbr
2010-12-21update translationanbr
2010-12-21enhance Makefile for make distanbr
2010-12-21Update README,HISTORYanbr
2010-12-21Add missing file from commit:dc368dc7anbr
2010-12-21Use - Make sure that necessary options are includedanbr
2010-12-21ignore builded files on gitanbr
2010-12-21add fr translation
2010-12-21release 0.1.5 from
2010-12-21release 0.1.4 from
2010-12-21release 0.1.3 from
2010-12-21release 0.1.2 from
2010-12-21release 0.1.1 from