AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-07Updated version.vdr2.2.0Timo Eskola
2018-09-06Added checks for empty lists.Timo Eskola
2018-09-05Fixed newly intorduced locking order issue.Timo Eskola
2018-09-05Check for vanished recorgins in info menu.Timo Eskola
2018-09-05Fixed recordings locking sequence.Timo Eskola
2018-09-03Simplified toggle hidden.Timo Eskola
2018-09-02Avoid unlocking recordings twice.Timo Eskola
2018-09-02Added missing recordings lock release.Timo Eskola
2018-09-01Improved duplicate recording copy constructor.Timo Eskola
2018-08-31Updated history.Timo Eskola
2018-08-31Updated kNone handling in main menu.Timo Eskola
2018-08-30Updated HISTORY.Timo Eskola
2018-08-30Updated versionTimo Eskola
2018-08-30Fixed menu updating.Timo Eskola
2018-08-29Updated version.Timo Eskola
2018-08-29Added missing recordingsStateKey.Timo Eskola
2018-08-29Refactored duplicate detection to own classes.Timo Eskola
2018-08-28Moved Set to correct place.Timo Eskola
2018-08-28Fixed current item selection after deletion.Timo Eskola
2018-08-27Improve deletion performance.Timo Eskola
2018-08-25Fixed building with VDR 2.4.0Timo Eskola
2015-09-10Updated homepage.Timo Eskola
2015-09-08Updated .gitignoreTimo Eskola
2015-09-08Added .gitignoreTimo Eskola
2015-09-08 Version 0.1.0:Timo Eskola
2015-09-08Version 0.0.6:Timo Eskola
2015-09-08Version 0.0.5:Timo Eskola
2015-09-08Version 0.0.4:Timo Eskola
2015-09-08Version 0.0.3:Timo Eskola
2015-09-08Version 0.0.2:Timo Eskola
2015-09-08Version 0.0.1:Timo Eskola