AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-11-05Bugfix: In Parental Guidance mode the plugin deblocked the lastMidas
2010-11-05Release of Version 0.1.0Midas
2010-08-09Bugfix. Shows were still not blocked after switching fromMidas
2010-08-09Bugfix. Logging prevented blocking ;)Midas
2010-08-09Renewed dev branch to 0.0.4. Added blacklist sorting.Midas
2010-08-06Release 0.0.4. Main menu entry now also deblocks. Replay of recordedMidas
2010-06-16Minor change to Makefile (dist-package filename).Midas
2010-06-15Updated README and HISTORYMidas
2010-06-15Release of 0.0.3Midas
2010-06-08To cover the new Parental Guidance mode i added theMidas
2010-06-08This version completes the basic parental guidanceMidas
2010-06-08Minor change to Makefile.Midas
2010-06-07Tobias Grimm sent me some patches (thank you), according toMidas
2010-06-06Fixed compiler warning.Midas
2010-06-06Release of 0.0.2. See HISTORY for changes.Midas
2010-06-04The Channel up/down and Up/Down keys now allow to changeMidas
2010-06-04It turned out the former version of the 'Channel EPG' methodMidas
2010-06-03The new detection method 'Channel EPG' sometimes switchedMidas
2010-06-03German translation updated.Midas
2010-06-02Added a new detection method. If the next show on theMidas
2010-04-28Switching on/off log function didn't work. Fixed.Midas
2010-04-27Version 0.0.1b+bf1 (bugfix1)Midas
2010-04-22Source dir structure changed.Midas
2010-04-22Changed source directory structure.Midas
2010-04-21Initial release. Version 0.0.1b. Fork of the taste plugin 0.0.2d by LordJaxom.Midas