AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
5 daysremote controllado
5 daysadded exception handlerlado
2018-07-29Feature #2557: Increased plugin versionbju
2018-07-28Feature #2557: Added support for IPv6bju
2018-07-22Fix: Using not initialized field at client disconnectbju
2018-07-22Crash using non-SSL socketbju
2017-11-26Feature #2535: Extra host definition for remote controlbju
2017-11-26Corrected excluding build directoriesbju
2017-11-26Remove some generated filesbju
2017-11-02refactor vdrmanager -> de.bjusystems.vdrmanagerlado
2017-05-04Feature #2496: Support certificate replacement without VDR restartbju
2017-05-04the pollfds array was deleted the wrong waybju
2017-04-22Fix handling of multiple certificate filesbju
2017-04-22Revert "toggletimer setenv"bju
2017-03-15fix gradlelado
2017-03-15toggletimer setenvlado
2017-03-15added entrieslado
2017-03-15prepare for gitignorelado
2017-03-15prepare for gitignorelado
2017-03-15added entrieslado
2017-03-15no imllado
2017-03-15no local settingslado
2017-03-15removed jdoclado
2016-03-24no app-release12700lado
2016-03-24bump 12.70lado
2016-03-24ide fileslado
2016-03-24ide fileslado
2016-03-24no repolado
2016-03-24no gradle herelado
2016-03-24no build in gitlado
2016-03-16new gradle deps12600lado
2016-03-16moved to gradle depslado
2016-03-13fix tvmoviewdb searchlado
2016-03-13plain java vor httplado
2016-01-20fixed crashed from play storelado
2016-01-04binary stufflado
2016-01-04avoid static field null in Preferenceslado
2016-01-04added some folderslado
2015-11-12plugin version bump to 0.14bju
2015-11-12Feature #2240 (make plugin compiling with vdr-2.3.1)bju
2015-10-19Feature #2230lado
2015-09-06no buildlado