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masterVersion 1.1.3louis6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-05-24Version 1.1.3HEADmasterlouis
2014-05-24updated theme darkredlouis
2014-05-24fixed possible division by zerolouis
2014-05-24added support for tvscraper again, tvscraper Version 0.2.0 neededlouis
2014-05-24added dedicated background pixmap in detailviewlouis
2014-05-24Vertical channel logo alignment configurable in displaychannellouis
2014-04-27cleaned up and restructured setup menulouis
2014-04-27fixed bug that floating text is not shown completelylouis
2014-04-27scroll speed with up / down configurable (lines per click)louis
2014-04-27fixed naming of reruns tab when displaying recordingslouis