AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-23Fix segmenter compilation on newer libavformat ( patch from oldmanuk )HEADmasterAlib
2011-03-10fix bug in svdrp.php after latest commitAlib
2011-03-08corrected bug in svdrp.php ( Thanks Holger )Alib
2011-03-04replaced cube effect with dissolve. More compatible with ipad and Mac safariAlib
2011-03-04added patch for better iPad support ( breaks logo icon on stream button, but ...Alib
2010-08-15Fix for new vdr \r\nTheTroll
2010-07-05fix long path for pid checksAlib
2010-06-03added tweak to alow streaming on ipad and mac safari.Alib
2010-05-28fixed typo for non utf8 content ( thanks Alexw )Alib
2010-04-20updated HISTORYAlib
2010-04-20Merge branch 'master' of
2010-04-20added escape for music filenameAlib
2010-04-17Give time to pids to be created (2 secs)TheTroll
2010-04-09Bug 313TheTroll
2010-04-09Fixed PID creationTheTroll
2010-04-05readd if(!ob_start("ob_gzhandler"))Alib
2010-04-05Ob start checkTheTroll
2010-04-05moved message status layer on top of header bar.Alib
2010-04-04Fixed date warningTheTroll
2010-04-04removed gzhandler, module zlib is already loadedAlib
2010-04-02Fixed launch on some systemsTheTroll
2010-04-02Readded segmenterTheTroll
2010-04-02fixed recordings againTheTroll
2010-04-02fixed againTheTroll
2010-04-02Improved status reportingTheTroll
2010-04-02updated READMEistreamdev-1.0.1Alib
2010-04-02updated HISTORYAlib
2010-04-01Fixed recording playbackistramdev-1.0.1TheTroll
2010-04-01Improved encoding startTheTroll
2010-04-01Get the rights pidsTheTroll
2010-04-01Fixed default qualityTheTroll
2010-04-01Fixed fp checkTheTroll
2010-04-01Segmenter removedTheTroll
2010-04-01Error handlingTheTroll
2010-04-01Change the way we start/kill sessionsTheTroll
2010-04-01pulled back old session.phpAlib
2010-04-01new way to start without AT command ( for the moment the ffmpeg do...Alib
2010-03-31fix bug in create media menuAlib
2010-03-31client optimisation & speedupsAlib
2010-03-30missing </li> in indexAlib
2010-03-30updated historyAlib
2010-03-30removed bug in phpAlib
2010-03-30added playlist dir missingAlib
2010-03-30Merge branch 'master' of
2010-03-30Fixed conflickTheTroll
2010-03-30removed manifest call in indexAlib
2010-03-30Check php modulesTheTroll
2010-03-30updated READMEAlib