AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-23added additional wiring for GU256x64-372 drivercolorandreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-04-21set /dev/parport0 as default device in graphlcd.conf, as suggested by Mreimerandreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-04-17backport of skin-support from 0.2.x to 0.1.x, changes for gcc 4.3 conformitymrwastl
2010-03-02version 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added Futaba DM140 supportandreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added support for Futaba DM140 vfd (graphlcd-base-0.1.5_gcc43-compat.diff)andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added gcc43-compat patch (include cstring.h/csdtlib.h)andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added LDFLAGS in Makefiles for better combatandreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-25added support for option BRIGHTNESS (for graphlcd-dimming support); added cor...mrwastl
2010-02-21initial git upload, based on graphlcd-base-0.1.5andreas 'randy' weinberger