AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysFix building on ARMHEADmasterManuel Reimer
2018-11-10Add version to Makefile1.0.2Manuel Reimer
2018-11-10Version 1.0.2Manuel Reimer
2018-11-10Throw error while linking, for undefined symbolsManuel Reimer
2018-11-09Improved trim functionManuel Reimer
2018-11-09Remove unused "sort" function from glcddriversManuel Reimer
2018-05-10Fix building against freetype2 Reimer
2018-04-08Version Reimer
2018-04-07Final Makefile fixes. Packaging should be much easier nowManuel Reimer
2018-04-02Make packaging possible without editing Make.configManuel Reimer
2018-03-29st7565r-reel: Correct calculation of display array sizeManuel Reimer
2018-03-25st7565r-reel: Remove clock setting (should be done in external tool)Manuel Reimer
2018-03-25st7565r-reel: Reduced memory usage of LCD bufferManuel Reimer
2018-03-18st7565r-reel: Add missing returnManuel Reimer
2018-03-18st7565r-reel: Prevent possible segfaultManuel Reimer
2018-03-18st7565r-reel: Add cSerialPortManuel Reimer
2018-03-18st7565r-reel: Narrowing conversion warnings fixedManuel Reimer
2018-03-18st7565r-reel: Indentation fixedManuel Reimer
2018-03-18Narrowing conversion error fixedManuel Reimer
2018-03-18Add st7565r-reel driverReelfan
2018-03-17Some documentation updatesManuel Reimer
2018-03-02usbserlcd: Add link to project homepageManuel Reimer
2018-03-02Update .gitignoreManuel Reimer
2018-03-02Fix warning "comparison between signed and unsigned"Manuel Reimer
2018-03-02usbserlcd: Use a conversion operator to get string from bufferManuel Reimer
2018-02-24usbserlcd: Move glcd_pkgtype struct from .h to .cManuel Reimer
2018-02-24usbserlcd: Move serial stream creation to buffer classManuel Reimer
2018-02-04Wait for the first reboot to not get garbled screen outputManuel Reimer
2018-02-03Add variable baud rate for serial speed optimizationManuel Reimer
2018-02-03Add usbserlcd driverManuel Reimer
2016-11-19Add alphacool and sdcmegtron driver entriesManuel Reimer
2016-10-29Fix segfault if skintest is used without "-s" parameterManuel Reimer
2016-10-29Pass tag name when requesting the scroll tag valuesManuel Reimer
2016-10-24Fix misleading indentation errorManuel Reimer
2016-10-20Merge branch 'master' into touchcolAndreas Regel
2016-04-01Add skintest tool.Andreas Regel
2016-04-01ili9341: Use the PWM for the backlight brightness.Andreas Regel
2016-04-01ili9341: Shorten the reset time.Andreas Regel
2016-04-01ili9341: Use Broadcom GPIO numbers.Andreas Regel
2016-04-01ili9431: Rotate display by 90 degrees.Andreas Regel
2016-04-01Add driver for ILI9341 TFT display.Andreas Regel
2016-04-01Add driver for SSD1306 OLED display on raspberry piAndreas Regel
2016-03-31Remove dependency target, instead generate dependencies during compliling.Andreas Regel
2016-03-31Add .gitignore file to ignore shared libraries, object and dependency files.Andreas Regel
2013-05-20remove unused private fields (to make clang happy)mrwastl
2013-05-20improved consistency of driver switches in Make.config (all driver switches n...mrwastl
2013-05-20Merge branch 'touchcol' of ssh:// int...mrwastl
2013-05-20FcResult should not be NULL in FcFontSort() or else assert-error might occurmrwastl
2013-05-20made vncserver driver optional (default is unchanged, on) in Make.configLucian Muresan
2013-05-20graphlcd.conf / noritake800: uses AdjustTiming and RefreshDisplayLucian Muresan