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2012-08-16fixed mistake at generating audio name from meta-tags, which broke dnd of mos...geronimo
2012-08-15removed junit from client project and added -lcrypto to server makefile (fix ...geronimo
2012-08-04created new icons to enable visual feedback on mediatype selection, changed j...geronimo
2012-08-02patched client to support the new media types and display extended itemsgeronimo
2012-08-02worked out processing of some meta data, extended json list elementsgeronimo
2012-08-01added mediatypes for interlaced video and selective configuration of deepscangeronimo
2012-07-31no more need for separated tests for code::blocks - netbeans is smarter in ha...geronimo
2012-07-31fixed error in mediainfo-scanner, removed all code::blocks stuff, as it resul...geronimo
2012-07-30created more readersgeronimo
2012-07-30worked out commandreadergeronimo
2012-07-29fixed bug on directory reading, if it contains an entry without access rights...geronimo
2012-07-29changed server setup to config file, little rearrangement of sourcesgeronimo
2012-07-27added usage option to cmpsgeronimo
2012-07-27remove yajl dependency, handle connection abort if client closes connection d...geronimo
2012-07-26worked out little java client that serves to start other mediaplayersgeronimo
2012-07-25worked out different file class and improved media handlinggeronimo
2012-07-22worked out new file classgeronimo
2012-07-19add categories to json result messagegeronimo
2012-07-13added basic commandline support for cmpsgeronimo
2012-07-13initial importgeronimo