cmp.gitCompound Media Player 9 years
df10ch-atmolight-controller.gitAtmolight Controller 9 years
graphlcd-base.gitGraphLCD Drivers Library 8 months
istreamdev.gitVDR to iPhone streaming 10 years
linux-next-frc.gitFRC (Frame Rate Control) patches for Linux
mediapointer-dvb-s2.gitMediapointer DVB-S2 driver 12 years
patched-vdr.gitThis tree is a copy of the current vdr developer version including (bug)fixes th...
runvdr-extreme.gitrunvdr eXtreme 8 years
skin-flat.gitVDR Flat Skin 7 years
skin-flatplus.gitVDR FlatPlus Skin 20 months
skin-lcarsng.gitVDR LCARSNG Skin 3 months
skin-narrowhd.gitVDR NarrowHD Skin 11 years
skin-nopacity.gitVDR nOpacity Skin 5 months
test.gittest 5 years
vdr-channels.gitVDR Channels 13 years
vdr-checkts.gitTool to check VDR recordings for errors 10 years
vdr-convert.gitVDR-Convert transcoding scripts 3 years
vdr-epg-daemon.gitVDR EPG Daemon 12 months
vdr-manager.gitVDR-Manager 2 years
vdr-patch-lnbsharing.gitVDR LNB Sharing patch 11 years
vdr-patches.gitVDR Patches
vdr-plugin-amlhddevice.gitVDR HD output device for Amlogic SoC 6 years
vdr-plugin-audiorecorder.gitVDR Audior Recorder Plugin 7 years
vdr-plugin-block.gitVDR Block plugin 9 years
vdr-plugin-bluray.gitBluRay VDR plugin 8 years
vdr-plugin-boblight.gitVDR Boblight Plugin 6 years
vdr-plugin-burn.gitVDR Burn plugin
vdr-plugin-chanman.gitVDR Chanman Plug-in 9 years
vdr-plugin-channelscanner.gitVDR Channelscanner plugin
vdr-plugin-duplicates.gitVDR Duplicates Plugin 3 years
vdr-plugin-dvdswitch.gitVDR DVDSwitch Plug-in 5 years
vdr-plugin-dxr3.gitVDR DXR3 Plug-in 12 years
vdr-plugin-dynamite.gitVDR Dynamite Plug-in 6 years
vdr-plugin-eepg.gitVDR EEPG plugin 2 years
vdr-plugin-epg2vdr.gitVDR EPG2VDR Plugin of client/server EPG solution based on a MySQL database for V...13 months
vdr-plugin-epgfixer.gitVDR EPGFixer Plug-in 4 years
vdr-plugin-epgsearch.gitVDR EPGSearch Plug-in 5 months
vdr-plugin-extrecmenu.gitVDR ExtRecMenu Plug-in 6 years
vdr-plugin-ffnetdev.gitVDR FFNetDev Plug-in 8 years
vdr-plugin-fritz.gitVDR Fritz Plug-in
vdr-plugin-gamepad.gitVDR Gamepad Plugin 8 years
vdr-plugin-graphlcd.gitVDR GraphLCD plugin 7 months
vdr-plugin-graphtftng.gitVDR Plugin for displaying the OSD on a separate display 5 years
vdr-plugin-hddarchive.gitVDR HDDArchive plugin 8 years
vdr-plugin-history.gitVDR History Plug-in 4 years
vdr-plugin-image.gitVDR Image Plug-in 5 years
vdr-plugin-imonlcd.gitVDR Imon-LCD Plug-in 5 years
vdr-plugin-infosatepg.gitVDR InfosatEPG Plug-in 9 years
vdr-plugin-inputdev.gitVDR Input Device plugin 8 years
vdr-plugin-kvdrmon.gitKDE VDR Monitor