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vdr: VDR developer version 2.3.2
Added by tadi 27 days ago

vdr-plugin-targavfd: Release 0.3.1 (1 comment)
Release 0.3.1 of vdr-plugin-targavfd
Added by anbr 29 days ago

vdr-plugin-imonlcd: Release 1.0.2
Release 1.0.2 of vdr-plugin-imonlcd
Added by anbr 29 days ago

vdr-plugin-dvdswitch: Release 0.2.3
Release 0.2.3 of vdr-plugin-dvdswitch
Added by anbr 30 days ago

VDR Skin flatPlus: Version 0.6.0 (31 comments)
Added by Martin1234 6 months ago

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