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Release xxv-1.7.0

Move project homepage
Update package depends
Update translations

  • blue, snow, stone Expansion of the table width (#933, #1358)
  • correct border padding for Internet Explorer (#941)
  • skin flat - add missing vtx template
  • remove dead links to tvm
  • remove fallback to "default skin" handling
  • jason
    if the recording is greater than 24 hours a wrong time is displayed (#938)
    hide toggle button on event without timer
    allow toggle from any view
    epg-view 'now' toggle timer failed
    support content description
  • Support VDR > 1.7.21
  • Use default FOREACH syntax #1355
  • Option 'SQL_CACHE' used twice in statement (#1356)
  • don't dump internal preferences into perl self documentation (pod)
  • Disable INTERFACE, TELNET, WAPD by default
    limit extract of abstract title
    wrong path of ts-recording created, if lifetime was edited (#844)
    Add checks if framerate missed, #18381
  • EPG
    handle SI:content description
    only first Channel is shown in the EPG Timeframe (#838)
    all events marked as running (#838)
    improve sql-query on single host environment
    improve query performence
  • SVDRP:
    independent hold of version for any VDR
    read svdrp default port from /etc/services (tcp:6419)
    Improve handling if vdr offline
    Warn if info file missed (fix database insert)
    Generate some more preview images
  • HTTP:
    Report epg search to browser via opensearch
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