Displays teletext pages directly on VDR's OSD

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Manager: etobi
Developer: habichthugo, scop, TomG, urig

Latest news

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.9.5 released
Minor maintenance release
Added by etobi about 1 month ago

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.9.4 released
VDR 1.7.39+ and improved Czech support
Added by etobi about 2 years ago

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.9.3 released
VDR 1.7.27 and TT6400 compatibility
Added by etobi almost 3 years ago

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.9.2 released
Making the recent Git changes public
Added by etobi about 3 years ago

OSDTeletext plug-in 0.9.1 released (2 comments)
Some minor changes and translation updates
Added by etobi over 3 years ago

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