The dvdswitch plugin functions as a kind of a DVD changer. This plugin make it possible to select images and play them with the DVD plugin.

Check follow requirements

Install vdr-plugin-dvdswitch

Unpack the vdr-plugin-dvdswitch tarball to $VDRSOURCE/PLUGINS/src directory.
Variable $VDRSOURCE stands for a directory, where source archive of VDR package was be decompressed.

tar -xzvf vdr-dvdswitch-0.2.1.tgz
ln -s dvdswitch-0.2.1 dvdswitch

Compile the plugin (from VDR's source directory)

Change the working directory to VDR source root and compile this plugin like all other VDR plugins.

make plugins

After everything has been compiled without errors, copy the plugin to their target directory.

make install

How to anonymously get the current source

git clone git://projects.vdr-developer.org/vdr-plugin-dvdswitch.git dvdswitch