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Include "CHR13" - Patch

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Status:Closed Start date:12/23/2008
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Target version:1.3


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Revision 60cd7db5
Added by Brougs78 over 6 years ago

Added brougs78-extensions (thanks to Andreas Brugger / references #39)

- added tokens for the next 3 timers:
CurrentEventsTitle123, CurrentEventsStartDateTime123,
CurrentEventsStopDateTime123, CurrentEventsChannelNumber123,
CurrentEventsChannelName123, CurrentEventsIsRecording123
- added audio- and video-tokens:
PresentLanguageCode, PresentLanguageDescription, PresentVideoAR and
implemented the missing code for the Language-token
- added tokens for replay:
ReplayName, ReplayDateTime, ReplayShortText, ReplayDescription,
ReplayLanguageCode, ReplayLanguageDescription, ReplayVideoAR
- additional recording-tokens:
RecordingVideoAR, RecordingSize
- added a reset for scrolling text (configurable)
- added recording-tokens:
RecordingLength, RecordingCuttedLength
- added tokens:
OsdWidth, OsdHeight
- switched the search-order for the fonts to priorise the skin-folder
(this avoids error-messages in the log)
- added the possibility to have a scrollbar in every menu - not fully
implemented yet (to position in menu-lists is not necessarily correct,
if there are more items with the same osd-text)
- added a configuration option for showing the scrollbar in the menus
- added token TimerConflicts using the service interface of the epgsearch
plugin "Epgsearch-lastconflictinfo-v1.0"
- added a test-feature to search for reruns of a program and add the
information to the extended epg-info (trigger DEVELOPMENT_FEATURES).
This uses a service interface of the epgsearch plugin
- the extended epg-info and the recording-info are extended by AUX-Infos
there is also an option to strip known tags
- the tab-widths are scaled for taking into account that different TT-Fonts
have a different width than the default font from VDR
- added tokens for signal-info:
FrontendSTR, FrontendSNR, FrontendHasLock, FrontendHasSignal
- added token PresentEventID for EPG-images
- added tokens for recordings:
RecordingFilename, RecordingPriority, RecordingLifetime
- set EditableWidth. This is important for plugins like 'rotor' or

Revision 2a4bf008
Added by Christian Tusche over 6 years ago

Added chr13-optimizations (thanks to Christian Tusche / closes #39)

- increased efficiency in drawing list items in the main menu
- introduce relative Pos and Size of objects to given BasePos, BaseSize
(used to draw list items)
- increase skin file version to 1.1
- the position of list items is interpreted relative to the "list" container
when file version >= 1.1
- when a position is specified for "block" elements, the position of all
contained elements is interpreted relative to the container position
- selective update of changed objects
refresh can be controlled for individual objects by the attributes
"refresh" and "changed"
default behaviour is to redraw everything (compatible with old skins)
- moved state tracking of marquee, blink, scroll from cText2SkinRender
to cxObject
- fixed use of Update.Lock() in render.h
- new: dynamic width/height of objects
- new: Option "bgColor" used for items "Text", "Marquee", and "Blink".
- remember period to next timeout when doing a non-timeout refresh
prevent occasional start/stop of marquee-text


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