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Cache teletext pids

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When I asked Ragnar, if it's OK to move the plugin development here, he was glad to see the project continue in some way and had the following suggestions:

I'd also like to tell you about my ideas for further development;

- ttxtsubs looks in the TS stream meta data carousel to find out
PID for teletext transmission(s) and what teletext page is used
for subtitling in what language. Since it takes a little time to
find that information (typically less than a second) there was a
delay when you switched channel. I think it was cached in memory
so the delay was only the first time you switched to a channel
after VDR start, but it should probably also be cached on disk.
That would also make it more fail safe if it by some reason
temporarily couldn't find the meta data.

- In addition, if you cache the above on disk, you could also
have an optional manual mode, selectable per channel, where you
could set teletext page and maybe PID manually. This would be good
for those channels that don't correctly transmit that information,
especially for those channels that have a separate more elaborate
subtitling for the hearing impaired but that don't send the correct
meta data for it, so that it can't be picked up automatically.
If I recall correctly, I had requests from users in other situations
that could also have been helped if they just could have set it
manually. For example, at the time, it seemed that almost no
channel in Germany would send any subtitling meta data at all.

The manual page selection is already applied with Rolf's patch and a PID caching could probably easily be added as well.


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As Rolf pointed out, his patch already moved the scanner into it's own thread, so the caching isn't really needed anymore.

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